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Veronica Vega - Hi Def
"Let's take a break," said Michelle. "Okay," said Veronica. "But what about the lesson?" "Maybe I could teach you something," said Michelle. "You know... body language! Have you ever watched a couple have sex?"

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Lindsay Kay
This couple decides to ditch spending their anniversary playing downtown to instead play around with their new hot little friend, Lindsay. Just back from college this slut is more than willing to open her legs and share her pussy between the happy couple.

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Jaclyn Case - Hi Def
"I told you everybody's more comfortable when they're naked," says Lexi to tawdry teen Jaclyn as she sucks on her plump, pink nipple. When teen seducers Lexi and Ethan asked her to stay with them, Jaclyn had no idea that she would be getting a mouth full of bitch juice and a pussy full of cock, but now that she's in the know, she wouldn't have it any other way!

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Crystal Clear - Hi Def
"A woman knows what a woman likes," Lexi told Crystal before dipping her tawdry tongue into this barely legal bitch's tight teen pussy! Crystal may have been new in town, but this tawdry teenager was more than willing to rub Lexi's moist clit and lick her stiff nipples while she was riding up and down on Ethan's massive man meat!

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Halia Hill
"Do you like British meat?" Marcus asked teen tart Halia before taking her home and fucking her tight young twat! It didn't take long for Marcus and Devon to realize that this wasn't Halia's first go around, as this bubblegum bitch was all too eager to bounce up and down the length of Marcus' protruding pole, while getting into a lesbian lip lock with devilish Devon!

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Kali Lane
"Just take a little taste," Audrey told Kali while pointing her husband's thick slab of cock at the sweet blond teen. Kali hesitated at first, but eventually the throbbing wetness between her thighs won out and she was sucking and fucking that cock like the barely legal slut she was!

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Rachel Milan
"You should bend over in front of me," Marcus tells tawdry teen Rachel before plunging his mutton mallet deep into her tight teenage pussy! Rachel gets her first taste of a couple fuck as she eats out dynamite Devon's slick slit while getting drilled from behind by Marcus' huge cock!

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"She took a little more work.. she is really shy," says wife, Monica, as we drive to meet her new pen pal. Lystra wasn't afraid of the camera, and soon that shyness turned into screams for more!

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"How old are you again?" Lexi asked Megan quizzically as she and her husband Ethan found the blonde teen bimbo sandwiched between them. "Nineteen," Megan replied, and no sooner did the confirmation of her age escape her lips was her mouth filled with Lexi's lickable pussy and Ethan's enormous erection!

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Alexa Lynn - Hi Def
"Why don't you take your clothes off first?" sweet teen Alexa asked the raunchy and rather milf-tastic Rachel. Of course Rachel obliged...anything to get this barely legal bitch to open her legs for Rachel's tawdry tongue and her husband's huge cock!

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